Tuesday, July 19, 2011

keeping you updated

So this morning I got a hold of the RE and the nurse had me do some blood work.  They checked my Beta and Progesterone.
Drum Roll Please...
Beta: 1500
Progesterone:  24.6

She broke it down for me.  My LMP was June 21st (maybe the 20th, depending on how you look at it, I started the afternoon of the 20th, but not full flow until the 21st). 
Anyway, The nurse said this afternoon that they like to see the numbers over 100 for this time.  And I'm at 1500.  So I'm not thinking twins, I'm thinking I ovulated early.  And if it were twins, I would have to publicly apologize to J.lo. and Mark An.thony*.  But seriously?  That's a high beta.
Also, she said the if someone is not on a progesterone supplement they want to see the level around 14-15, and if they are, they want it to be around 25.  So without a supplement I'm super high.

I'm hoping this is a sticky baby for sure.  Thank you for all your nice comments.  I feel like there have been so many 'second' baby announcements lately and I know up until last night I was worried that wouldn't ever happen for us.  So I'm still praying and thinking for this baby and for all of you ladies.
I also know that there is a LONG journey between now and whenever the due date would be.
All I know is that right now I want to go put my fee up on the couch and watch the lastest Next Foo.d Network Star with my husband. 
My next blood draw will be this saturday, and then an ultra sound the first week in August.  Thank you for being so encouraging.  It was hard not to tell everyone today what I was thinking about, but it's helpful to share this with you all sweet ladies.

On to the tv!

*I was really mean when JLo announced that they had a hard time conceiveing and then 'suddenly' became pregnant with twins.  I think the words 'liar' and 'false' were used.  It's difficult to imagine there was no reproductive help for them to concieve.  Althought ultimately, who cares, right?


Flower said...

Thanks for the update...and what an update it is! LOL

Great beta results. Maybe twins...but maybe you ovulated early! Yay! Can't wait for your u/s!!!! Enjoy this pregnancy!!!!

Ashley said...

Great numbers! Can't wait to hear about your u/s! Congrats!

Once Upon A Time said...

I don't think I had a chance to tell you yet, but congrats! What a great beta! Your due date should be exactly what Sam and Anna's was, because the date for the beginning of our cycle was June 21st... March is a great month for a baby (or two!), especially for us teachers!

Paula Keller said...

Whoa! That's an AMAZING beta! I'm so excited for you! Even if you ovulated early, that is a good sign that things are busy in there.

Great news!