Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time Passing

Time is going by quickly! Macie is 3 1/2 weeks old. Her latest tricks involve spitting up, using her neck (a little) and sitting in her rocker/swing.
She's just amazing.
We're doing well over here. Each day I'm trying to leave the house at least once, and it's going well. Last week I developed a little cabin fever, so it's been nice to get out. And thankfully this week is the end of the school year for my husband so next week we'll be home together and we'll probably try to get some stuff done or go and do something fun before summer school starts.
Sleep has been okay. Some days I get 5 hours and some days I get 7 (interrupted of course, but that's okay!). The 7 hour days are much better than the 5 hours. It really just depends on what time her last feeding takes place. If she eats at 8:30 PM than DH and I will usually go to sleep with her. But if she waits until 10 or 11PM than we don't get to sleep until then. Then pretty consistently she's up at 1 or 2 and again at 4 or 5. So if I can get in a nap after the 5AM feeding than great, but for most of this week that's when she's been at her fussiest, and least happy to go back to sleep.
But really, I don't want to complain. She's doing great, gaining more weight, I'm working hard to give more breast milk, and we're pretty pleased.
This is still the biggest adjustment though! And it's still weird to see all of our parents regularly. I can't wait for another grandchild to be born so that our little one won't be the center of attention. I'm so ready for it to be normal for her to be in our lives. Not the new baby, just Macie, who has always been here (that's how it feels anyway).

Take care all!